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In years past, if you wanted to keep up with culture there would have been a "to read" list. Books and journals, periodicals and perhaps early blogs. That still matters (as a writer, forgive me for that vested interest), but increasingly there needs to be a "to watch" list. The most culturally influencing media is not the written word, but the visual form.

So what to watch?

From time to time, I will give an accumulated list of things that you can watch that are shaping culture in powerful ways.

One caveat: Please don't bait me into whether we should be watching these things. Many of you can, some of you should not. For more on that, see my opening installment in the series "Is it okay for a Christian to..." where I dive into whether it's okay to watch something like HBO's Game of Thrones.

With that aside, here are five things that should be on most people's "culture watch" list, at least in terms of recent months:

1. 13 Reasons Why (Netflix)

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Daily Headline News

Iceland Down syndrome abortions called 'a tragedy'

Southern Baptists involved with special needs ministry are lamenting a report that virtually 100 percent of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome in Iceland are aborted (Roach,


Inside The Lab Where Scientists Are Editing DNA In Human Embryos

The idea of changing human DNA in ways that could be passed down for generations has long been considered off-limits (Stein,


Elderly couple got wish to die together in euthanasia case

Assisted suicide has summoned up deep religious and ethical concerns among critics (Bever,


What the Alt-Right Tells Us About Christianity and Politics

The role religion plays in the white nationalist group behind the Charlottesville protests (CT Editors, Christianity Today)

more... "Game of Thrones"?

Is it okay for a Christian to...

smoke marijuana?
drink wine?
go to a gay wedding?
serve a gay wedding?
do yoga?
watch "Game of Thrones"?
watch anything rated "R"?
vote for a Democrat (or actually, vote for anyone this election)?
get a tattoo?
get cremated?
have plastic surgery?
buy a lottery ticket?
play the slots in Vegas?
not go to church?

In this eight week series, James Emery White tackles every single one of these issues. The answers may be surprising, even shocking; but what may be most challenging of all is how we can think biblically about each one. For many, thinking Christianly across the broad spectrum of life and culture is a completely new enterprise. Even then, we may find that thoughtful, committed Christians may disagree on how best to employ the biblical principles for their life.

This series will save you the google search as it dives into, "Is it okay for a Christian to..."

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